[DCN-TechOps] Monthly Downtime Report

John M. Crowell jcrowell at dcn.davis.ca.us
Fri Oct 1 01:05:51 PDT 2004

Monthly System Availability Report:  September 2004


	00:00 01-Oct-04 uptime= 9 days 19:07 hours

	21Sep04	03:39-04:53	Wheel in catyleptic seizure.  Cause	(1:14)
				unknown. Power-cycle reboot at 04:53.

		Scheduled interruptions every Saturday midnight
		for cycling log files.  downtime ~3 min.

	00:00 01-Oct-04 uptime = 377 days 8:59 hours
		No downtime

	00:00 01-Oct-04 uptime = 16 days 18:46 hours

	03Sep04	16:30-18:30	velocipede: /var file system		(2:00)
				inexplicably full.  System rebooted at
				18:08, but failed file-system check on
				/var.  Rebooted manually at 18:30.

	14Sep04	04:49-05:14	velocipede: System brought down to	(0:15)
				replace faulty memory module.
				Memory errors persist.  Will
				reschedule repairs.

    Spam Firewall
	16Sep04	~11:30-13:00	Corrupted virus-definition file on	(1:30)
			Barracuda caused backup of e-mail.  Support
			personnel at Barracuda corrected the problem
			remotely.  No messages were lost, and queue was
			cleared, all delayed messages delivered by 13:30.

	No reported outages.


	No reported outages.

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