[DCN-TechOps] Monthly Downtime Report

John M. Crowell jcrowell at dcn.davis.ca.us
Tue Nov 1 00:21:12 PST 2005

Monthly System Availability Report:  October 2005


	00:00 01-Nov-05 uptime= 39 days 13:41 hours (See Note 1.)

	  No downtime

		Scheduled interruptions every Saturday midnight
		for cycling log files.  downtime ~1 min.

	00:00 01-Nov-05 uptime = 17 days 19:54 hours (See Note 1.)

	14Oct05	02:20-05:06	System disk failure on spoke. Replaced	(2:26)
				disk; restored from 13Oct05 backup.
				Rebooted at 05:06

	00:00 01-Nov-05 uptime = 39 days 12:57 hours (See Note 1.)
		No Downtime

	00:00 01-Nov-05 uptime = 39 days 13:30 hours (See Note 1.)
		No Downtime

	No reported outages

	No reported outages

Note 1.
	Apparent one-hour discrepancy in uptime, compared to
	last month is due to the change to Standard Time.

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