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This looks worthwhile I wish i had more time to do it.

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FYI.  From another list.

>July 6, 2009
>Call for Reviewers
>Broadband Technology Opportunities Program
>Help America Advance its National Objective of Broadband Access for All
>The National Telecommunications and Information 
>Administration (NTIA) of the U.S. Department of 
>Commerce is soliciting volunteers to serve as 
>panelists to evaluate grant proposals for the 
>$4.7 billion Broadband Technology Opportunities 
>Program (BTOP), an important part of the 
>American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. 
>NTIA is accepting applications for its first 
>round of BTOP grants from July 14, 2009 until 
>August 14, 2009, and will conduct panel reviews 
>through at least the end of September, 2009. As 
>a reviewer, your evaluations will be an 
>important factor considered by NTIA in 
>determining whether to award grant funding. To 
>be considered as a reviewer you must have 
>significant expertise and experience in at least one of the following areas:
>1) the design, funding, construction, and 
>operation of broadband networks or public computer centers;
>2) broadband-related outreach, training, or education; and
>3) innovative programs to increase the demand for broadband services.
>In addition you must agree to comply with 
>Department of Commerce policies on conflict of interest and confidentiality.
>We are committed to ensuring that reviewers come 
>from diverse backgrounds and areas of the United 
>States. Please feel free to circulate this 
>â??Call for Reviewersâ?? to other individuals or 
>organizations that may be sources of qualified 
>reviewers.  To apply to be a panel reviewer for 
>BTOP, please email a resume containing the
>information below to BTOPReviewers at ntia.doc.gov:
>? Name
>? Residence (city and state)
>? Email/phone number
>? Employer
>? Position/Title
>? Years and types of experience and positions in 
>fields related to BTOP activities
>NTIA will examine and approve reviewer 
>applications on a first-come, first-served basis.
>Approved reviewers will be contacted to schedule 
>participation in a webinar orientation session 
>and teleconference panel reviews.
>Although there will be no direct reimbursement 
>for your time and expertise, you may be assured 
>that you will be making a significant 
>contribution to enhancing broadband services 
>throughout the United States. We appreciate the 
>valuable contribution you will be making to the 
>success of BTOP and look forward to working with you as a reviewer.
>If you have questions, please send them by email 
>to:  BTOPReviewers at ntia.doc.gov.
>For additional information, please see http://www.broadbandusa.gov/

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