[DCN-TechOps] 200909140010

Russ Hobby rdhobby at ucdavis.edu
Thu Sep 17 06:13:39 PDT 2009

Hi Rob,

I got on the network at 5:30 am on Tuesday (I work eastern time so I 
am always on early)  What I found was that the network was forwarding 
packets just fine, but the DNS servers were down.  I turned on my VPN 
to UCD and I was working fine then.  However the rest of my family 
(who also get up early) didn't have that option.  So that got me 
thinking.  It is always best to have as much diversity for the two 
DNS servers as possible so what about putting one of them off 
site.  I talked with Rick about this at the DCN Board meeting and he 
said that putting one at the City might be a possibility.

Some food for thought.


At 05:17 PM 9/16/2009, Robert Nickerson wrote:
>Problem:  Power loss at the NOC. Power restored at 02:02am.
>Reported by: Omsoft staff at 7am
>Resolution: Wheel and spoke rode through the outage on their UPS but
>some systems, inlcluding crank, needed starting. Network connectivity
>was disrupted for approximately one hour. The netadmin pager was out of
>batteries so staff was not notified of the event until morning.
>Rob Nickerson
>Om Networks
>UCD Class of 96
>C: 530-848-3865
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