[DCN-TechOps] DCN Techops Meeting Tues July 10th 2007

Jon Lee JLee at ci.davis.ca.us
Wed Jun 27 14:59:51 PDT 2007

July 10 works for me
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>>> "Robert Nickerson @ Omsoft" <omrob at omsoft.com> 6/26/2007 3:40:37 PM >>>

Hi All

Putting together another Techops meeting to continue discussion about 
the status of the DCN Network. I'd like to schedule that for Tues, July 
10th at 5:15 at Sudwerk again if that's ok with everyone. Ill try to get 
some minutes out before the next meeting.

Items included on the agenada:

1) UCD Fiber upgrade - completed and next steps

2) DCN/Omsoft Internet Connection UPGRADES

3) Inet fiber

4) Volunteers?

If anyone has any other issues they'd like on the agenda, please let me 

Thanks everyone
Robert Nickerson
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